Common Eye Injuries

Protecting our eyes is essential but most of the time we do not do it properly because we do not know that certain activities can cause eye injuries. When an accident happens to the eyes of someone in our environment is when we realize how important prevention is, but it may be too late.

You will be surprised to know that there are risks of eye injuries when opening a bottle of beer, playing squash, doing makeup, etc. Today I will write about it, as well as some basic recommendations to reduce those risks of trauma to the eyes and how to act In case they occur.

Life can change dramatically in a day as you imagine that a person who yesterday saw perfectly and today has an accident in the eye that makes them go blind.

Most Common Causes of Eye Injuries

Experts say wear safety glasses and take other common sense precautions can prevent or reduce the severity of more than 90 percent of the lesions produced in the eye.

Most frequent causes of eye injuries at work

Waste that jumps through the air at work (metal, glass, plastic, wood shavings)
Particles that are in the air and enter the eyes when there is much wind (dust, wood, sand) This is a huge issue for carpenters and guys who work with table saws like these

Tools (screwdrivers, wrenches)
Chemicals (petrol, oil, solvents, acids)
Harmful radiation (arc welding, UV)

Eye injuries in the home

Cleaning products and chemicals
Eyelash curlers
Mascara brushes and other cosmetic applicators
Nails (for example, when putting on or removing contact lenses)
Particles that jump when using a lawn or other portable garden tools
Particles that are in the air on windy days
Elastic strings
Shocks against doors or walls
Champagne corks (most ophthalmological urgency at the end of the year and Christmas Eve)
Toys and games with hard or pointed edges
Stones or sand projected by bicycle or motorcycle wheels. In the case of motocross it is essential not to take off the visor or at the stops as when starting the bike because of dirt flying around.

What Are Common Sleep disorders? Best mattresses to Combat Them

Under a common terminology sleep disorders are grouped in a way that means any problem that affect the normal course of sleep. It is necessary to know that sleep consists of a bunch of distinct cycles. Slow sleep is broken down into four stages: the first two correspond to light sleep and the last two, to the deep sleep . Then comes the paradoxical sleep that is characterized by a more intense cerebral activity. It is during this phase that dreams come.

sleeping lady

What are the main sleep disorders?

The sleep disorders can be classified into three major groups:

Dyssomnia: disorders that alter the duration or quality of sleep. Insomnia of a psychological nature, insomnia of altitude, insomnia secondary to the excessive consumption of certain substances (alcohol, drugs, drug …) or narcolepsy;

Parasomnia: these are unusual behaviors experienced during sleep without really impacting vigilance during waking periods. There is nocturnal bruxism , somnambulism or sleep apnea;

Other sleep disorders that may be of neurological origin (migraines, Parkinson’s disease, psychiatric (manic-depressive psychosis, depression, or secondary to certain pathologies (gastroesophageal reflux, severe asthma.

So you may be wondering now what you can do about your sleep problem mattress wise.  Well a memory foam option is always good, however if you cant afford it then you can always read some air mattress reviews to find an option that’s a little cheaper.

watch out for plumbing company scams

Hey there, today we want to go over a super important issue.  The problem of plumbing company scams.  These happen all the time with all different kinds of plummbers and you must do your homework before hiring a plumbing company.  The average person usually just goes on the internet and searches for a plumbing company.  Say for example”Grand Junction Plumbers”  and then picks one of the first ones that comes up.  This is a mistake cause they never even read the reviews. First you must go online and search for their reputation and find out if they are a good company or not.  You will save lots of hassle by doing your research.

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