What Are Common Sleep disorders? Best mattresses to Combat Them

Under a common terminology sleep disorders are grouped in a way that means any problem that affect the normal course of sleep. It is necessary to know that sleep consists of a bunch of distinct cycles. Slow sleep is broken down into four stages: the first two correspond to light sleep and the last two, to the deep sleep . Then comes the paradoxical sleep that is characterized by a more intense cerebral activity. It is during this phase that dreams come.

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What are the main sleep disorders?

The sleep disorders can be classified into three major groups:

Dyssomnia: disorders that alter the duration or quality of sleep. Insomnia of a psychological nature, insomnia of altitude, insomnia secondary to the excessive consumption of certain substances (alcohol, drugs, drug …) or narcolepsy;

Parasomnia: these are unusual behaviors experienced during sleep without really impacting vigilance during waking periods. There is nocturnal bruxism , somnambulism or sleep apnea;

Other sleep disorders that may be of neurological origin (migraines, Parkinson’s disease, psychiatric (manic-depressive psychosis, depression, or secondary to certain pathologies (gastroesophageal reflux, severe asthma.

So you may be wondering now what you can do about your sleep problem mattress wise. ¬†Well a memory foam option is always good, however if you cant afford it then you can always read some air mattress reviews to find an option that’s a little cheaper.